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The community at The Iron Way makes exercising fun while keeping members engaged in each workout. The supportive and friendly environment helps challenge you to do your best and push yourself beyond your limits. Walking into the gym and working out with the same people on a regular basis gives the members a sense of team unity and comradery. It truly is a “fit family!”

Rachel Gear - 3/8/18

Everyone has a moment that triggers you to do something about your health. Mine was last August when I saw the pictures from my niece's baby shower. I knew I had gained weight, but it was not until I saw the pictures that made me realize I had to do something. To join a big box gym where I was left to my own devices I knew I would not get the results I needed. I kept seeing an ad for the IronWay on Facebook. It was the small group training I needed without paying for a gym and a trainer. There was tons of different class times to suit my schedule. Once I walked in the door I was hooked! The support of the other members is amazing, I never felt like I shouldn’t be there even though my fitness level was 0. The day I signed up for the New Year challenge was a huge game changer for me. Once I started eating the meal plan Dan made for me and weighing in once a week I saw my size diminish. I love the meal plan Dan made for me. It is with real food! I don’t have to count calories or add points. Just eat what it says, so simple. The challenge is over but I am still use my meal plan.

Nicole Gaudet Short - 2/27/18

Dan gears all the workouts to your physical ability, so you are able to go at your own pace. Allowing you to set goals for yourself! Not only is Dan motivating, but my classmates are as well, pushing you to be better every week. The new space is amazing!!! I can't wait to see what he has in store for us!!!

Mike Ready

Mike was your typical 50 something year old guy. Husband/Father, Worked a ton, didn't exercise, and ate/drink whatever he wanted. He finally decided to get involved with a gym that took a personal approach in order to stay on track and boost accountability with a trainer and to himself. Not only did he lose weight, but became STRONG! In fact he became so strong that we pushed him into a Powerlifting competition. We put him on a diet plan and lifting program and Mike came out on top in his age group and weight class.

Karen Dearing - 12/7/17

I first heard about iron way in 2015 from a Groupon. The big box gyms were not working for me. I needed help setting and achieving goals and holding myself accountable. The atmosphere at Iron Way is unlike any other. You not only have Dan's expertise building the workouts and guiding you along the way, but you also have the incredible support of the other members: encouraging you to add weight, to jump higher, and asking "hey, where ya been?" When you skip a workout. Dan had coached me through a beginning state where I could barely do a barbell bench press to a pregnant state where he had to modify workouts specifically for me to a current state where I am finding my work/life/gym balance again. I am so thankful to have found this gym and the friends that come along with it. Love The Iron Way!


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